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*Anthony Ordonez as [[Dan Mundy]]
*Anthony Ordonez as [[Dan Mundy]]
*Azie Tesfai as [[Meg]]
*Azie Tesfai as [[Meg]]
*Kat Foster as [[Wendy Cowell]]
*Kat Foster as [[Wendy McQuaid]]
== Guest-Stars ==
== Guest-Stars ==

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Good Cop/Bad Cop
Season 04, Episode 04
Air Date September 3, 2014
Previous Love Is the Drug
Next Deep Throat

Good Cop/Bad Cop was the fourth episode of Season 4.


Wendy returns to help the guys with a corrupt cop while helping a client take back his property illegally seized by a land developer.


Recurring Characters


  • Daniel Roebuck
  • Vincent Ventresca
  • Bruce Nozick
  • Christina Hogue