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Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) is one-half of the Franklin and Bash partnership.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Peter Bash


Peter Bash is a lawyer and one half of Franklin and Bash, he knew Jared Franklin (Breckin Mayer) from a young age.

Upon graduating from Law School, he initially began working for a large firm in Los Angeles, however, after being caught sleeping with the senior partner's daughter, he was fired.

From here he went on to form Franklin and Bash LLC (not actually a Limited Liability Company) with best friend Jared Franklin.

Franklin and Bash[]

During his first trial with Franklin, it was decided that in order to win the case he would have to dress up (albeit, without the head) as a theme park mascot, and smoke in the courtroom.  This was the first of many stunts that would go on to give Franklin and Bash a less-than-perfect reputation in the law community, it also got him charged with contempt and thrown in lock-up, they did, however, win the case.

After trying and winning a case, against a large firm (Infeld Daniels) Peter, along with Jared Franklin, was invited to meet Stanton Infeld, of Infeld Daniels, to pick up a check.

Whilst at Infeld Daniels, he and Jared were offered a job at the law firm.