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Malcom McDowell portraying Stanton Infeld

Stanton Infeld is senior partner at Infeld Daniels, Stanton Infeld rules over an incredibly powerful legal empire. In the show Stanton has an unorthodox way of approaching law. Many of the lawyers who work for him see Stanton as the firm's affable and slightly eccentric patriarch. Stanton is senior partner to many characters, including Hanna Linden, and Damian Karp  as well as both Franklin and Bash


Stanton Infeld founded his law firm, Infield Daniels with his partner, Mr. Daniels . When Infield Daniels was emerging it functioned much like the partnership of Franklin and Bash. It is stated that the reason he hired Franklin and Bash was because the reminded Stanton of himself and Daniels, when he was younger. As Stanton became more successful he started to use his position and money to travel to exotic places around the world and learn many cultures. Stanton Infield has learned both Japanese and Chinese fluently, He trains himself in Karate as well. When his law firm became more and more successful it grew to contain about eight people, including, Hanna Linden, and Damian Karp (his nephew). Stanton also is responsible for the hiring of Jared Franklin and Peter Bash.